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Spinal Procedures Part 2: CPT® Coding

Spinal Procedures Part 2: CPT® Coding webcast image

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Make certain your outpatient coders are supporting your revenue and compliance objectives by clearly understanding spinal anatomy, spinal procedures and coding best practices.

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Capturing the full, legal reimbursement for spinal procedures depends on complete and accurate outpatient coding — including the correct use of CPT ® codes, modifiers and add-on codes. To get there, your outpatient coders need a solid understanding of spinal anatomy, why and how procedures are performed, physician documentation and coding best practices. As anyone who's dealt with the complexities of outpatient spinal procedure coding will tell you, that's easier said than done!

This exclusive ICD10monitor webcast is intended to elevate and streamline outpatient coding, covering both facility and professional services, for spinal procedures. Our expert presenter, Cari Greenwood, will provide clear, detailed explanations of spinal anatomy, spinal procedures and correct CPT coding practices.

Why This is Relevant:

In many facilities, the revenue generated by spinal procedures performed in the outpatient setting has a huge bottom-line impact. Lumbar fusions, for example, are in the top 7% of APC reimbursements, according to CMS. But a wrong CPT code here or a missing modifier there can take a big bite out of revenue. Compliance issues often arise, too, such as when there's confusion about whether a spinal procedure should be coded as an inpatient or outpatient encounter. This ICD10monitor webcast will empower your coders to make the right decisions, leading to consistently complete and accurate code assignments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Anatomy and objectives of several common spinal procedures, including spinal fusion, laminectomy and foraminotomy
  • Which documentation is needed to support the assignment of specific spinal procedure codes; includes discussion of anatomical terminology
  • Coding guidelines and official coding advice pertaining to outpatient spinal procedures
  • Complete coding strategies, encompassing modifiers, add-on codes and edits
  • Sample CPT coding scenarios for various types of spinal procedures

Who Should Attend:

This webcast will be beneficial to a broad range of positions involved with outpatient facility and professional fee coding, including coders, auditors, supervisors/managers and clinical documentation improvement specialists.

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