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Spinal Disorders: Documentation, Definitions & Correct ICD-10-CM Coding

Spinal Disorders: Documentation, Definitions & Correct ICD-10-CM Coding webcast image

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Get vital instruction and insights into ICD-10-CM coding for the diagnosis of spinal disorders, with an emphasis on deciphering documentation and appropriately querying physicians for missing details.

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Diagnosing a spinal disorder can be exceedingly difficult. So, can identifying the correct ICD-10-CM code assignments — especially when the physician documentation lacks essential detail.

How can you bring more clarity and certainty to spine-related diagnosis coding? It starts with understanding spinal anatomy and terminology related to spinal conditions; familiarizing yourself with documentation best practices; and then applying this knowledge to your ICD-10-CM coding protocols. You'll take away all of this and more from our new ICD10monitor webcast.

Why This is Relevant:

The coding decisions you make directly correlate to your organization's ability to submit clean claims, expedite pre-authorizations and maximize reimbursement. The problem is, the diagnosis of a spinal disorder can baffle even the most seasoned coders, whether the cause is degenerative disease, trauma or another etiology. This webcast will deliver a clearer comprehension of conditions commonly documented in the medical record, empowering you to zero in on the correct ICD-10-CM codes.

Take this brief quiz to see if you and your team could benefit from this webcast:

  1. How would you code from an MRI report that detailed a disc herniation without complications?
  2. What's the fourth digit for a disc degeneration diagnosis (M51-), in which the report doesn't provide certain specifics?
  3. Using 9 as a fourth digit may indicate "unspecified," but what does that really mean in spinal ICD-10-CM coding?
  4. How do you report facet syndrome? Is there even a code for this?

Learning Objectives:

From this webcast you will…

  • Learn how to decipher physician documentation to successfully determine appropriate ICD-10-CM code assignments for spinal disorders;
  • Know when signs and symptoms are included in definitive diagnoses;
  • Learn how to establish medical necessity for orders/tests or the scheduling of procedures for spinal disorders;
  • Gain a better understanding of how your ICD-10-CM coding can fully support spinal fusions; and
  • Know when it's necessary to query the physician for more information.

Who Should Attend:

This webcast will be most beneficial to coders, billing staff, physicians, x-ray technicians, front-office staff and charge capture professionals.