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Sepsis 3: Using the New Definition to Avoid Denials

Sepsis 3: Using the New Definition to Avoid Denials webcast image

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Two definitions of sepsis pose a quandary for providers. CMS uses Sepsis-1 while the industry relies on Sepsis-3. This webcast will navigate both worlds of sepsis, so you can support the diagnosis of sepsis effectively and create rebuttals for denials.

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You and many like you are probably at the crossroads when it comes to coding and documenting sepsis. On one hand, the publication of the Third Definition of Sepsis and Septic Shock has been widely received by the healthcare industry. Except, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) which currently supports the definition of Sepsis-1 (SEP-1). Moreover, CMS uses SEP-1 as the criteria for its hospital inpatient quality reporting (IQR). Adding to the dilemma of using the right definition of sepsis, payers are increasing their denials based on Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) criteria that was published with the new definition.

The good news: This exclusive ICD10monitor webcast will cut through the confusion to help you navigate this "two-definition" world. And this is important information for you and your facility because if you don't understand the nuances of the third definition of sepsis, you may not be able to document to support the diagnosis of sepsis effectively. In addition, the better you understand the definition of sepsis, the more effectively you and your team can create rebuttals for denials. This important webcast will demonstrate how to improve documentation which will have an impact on denials.

Why This is Relevant:

The topic of sepsis has far reaching quality and financial implications for hospitals.

Take this quick quiz and see if you and your team, like so many others, struggle with understanding the coding and documenting of Sepsis.

  1. How should SOFA be utilized?
  2. How did CMS respond to the new sepsis definition?
  3. Why did sepsis claims increase between 2000-2011?
  4. What is the CMS IQR Sep-1 quality program?

Learning Objectives:

From this exclusive ICD10monitor webcast you will…

  • Learn why the definition of sepsis has evolved over the years;
  • Understand the various quality initiatives that brought the condition of sepsis to the forefront;
  • Learn the older definitions of sepsis;
  • Understand the new definition of sepsis and how to interpret it; and,
  • Learn how to best apply the conflicts of the old and new definitions to coding, CDI and denial operations.

Who Should Attend:

This important webcast will be most relevant to inpatient coders and coding managers, CDI managers and specialists, denial teams as well as directors of coding, CDI and denial management.