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Reporting Outpatient Hospital Modifiers: Increase Accuracy and Compliance

Reporting Outpatient Hospital Modifiers: Increase Accuracy and Compliance webcast image

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Gain the actionable knowledge you need to master CPT/HCPCS modifier assignments, such as 59 and X modifiers, including help with problematic scenarios that can result in payment denials and noncompliance.

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Ah, the murky world of outpatient hospital modifiers! When and where are they appropriate to report? Do they meet specific payer requirements? What supporting documentation do you need? Not knowing how to correctly answer these questions may be cutting deeply into your revenue stream, as a result of denied claims, as well as the time and resources required to respond to payer reviews.

If CPT®/HCPCS modifiers are confusing to your coders, billers or auditing staff, this exclusive ICD10monitor webcast will deliver the clarity you need to protect your payments and ensure compliance. Prominent coding and compliance authority Maggie Gambill will walk you through the modifiers applicable to hospital outpatient use, based on guidance from CMS and the American Medical Association (AMA). The presentation will include clinical scenarios to reinforce key concepts and differentiate one modifier from another. Along the way, Maggie will help you problem-solve challenges, such as when to appropriately use modifier 59 instead of an X modifier.

Why This is Relevant:

One small misstep with outpatient hospital modifiers — especially when it's repeated over and over — can lead to substantial revenue impacts. Payers and auditors are keeping a sharp lookout for omissions, incorrect assignments and other deficiencies that warrant claim denials, which lead to reworks, payment delays and potentially loss of reimbursement. This webcast provides a unique opportunity to shore up the accuracy and compliance of your CPT/HCPCS modifier assignments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Get a firm grip on the basics of outpatient hospital modifiers
  • Solidify your knowledge of Level 1 (CPT) and Level II (HCPCS) modifiers
  • Understand crucial differences between Level I and Level II modifiers
  • Identify pertinent CPT/HCPCS references and resources
  • Learn auditing and monitoring tactics to maintain compliance

Who Should Attend:

Outpatient coders, coding and compliance auditors and hospital billers.

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