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CPT 2018 Professional Codebook and CPT QuickRef App Package

CPT 2018 Professional Edition (codebook) $116.95
CPT QuickRef (app)* FREE
Coding & Billing Pack (app premium content) $59.99
CPT Assistant Archive (app premium content) $39.99
Total cost of individual items $216.93
Savings when buying the package $64.98

*The free CPT QuickRef app provides access only to the E/M Code Selection Wizard, E/M codes, and E/M guidelines from AMA and CMS.

Price: $216.93
Sale Price: $151.95
Save $64.98!

Availability: September 2017
Product Code: IPPROAP18

Description Biographies

The best print and digital sources for every CPT® coding decision can be found in this new package that includes one spiral-bound copy of CPT® Professional 2018 and free access to all premium content available in the new CPT® QuickRef app. Premium app content includes the following:

  • Coding and Billing Pack. Use your mobile device to access all CPT codes, AMA and CMS '95 and '97 guidelines, applicable modifiers, procedural illustrations, clinical examples and links to relevant CPT® Assistant articles.
  • CPT Assistant Archive. Access the full content of all CPT Assistant articles (1990-2016) using your mobile device.

The CPT QuickRef app and its premium content are accessible by iOS and Android mobile devices only via a QR code affixed to the codebook. Premium content access is valid through Dec. 31, 2018.

The new fully loaded CPT QuickRef app combines the best of AMA's CPT content with billing tools to help improve the accuracy and efficiency of the work you perform.

Features and Benefits

Features of the CPT QuickRef app with premium content include:
  • The latest informationReceive updates from the cloud when new RVUs and proprietary laboratory analysis (PLA) codes are released or when technical corrections are made to 2018 CPT codes
  • Two editions of the CPT code setEasily navigate between 2017 and 2018 code sets to ensure the codes in use during a patient visit are recognized at the time of the year-end code transition
  • FavoritesSelect the codes you use most and save them to your favorites list
  • Facility and non-facility RVUsUse federal data on facility and nonfacility work and practice expense values
  • GPCIsSet your region's geographic practice cost index to calculate accurate Medicare payment for each procedure
  • Global daysReference the number of global days CMS assigns to a given procedure
  • Color illustrationsBetter understand complex procedures with AMA-created illustrations
  • Clear references to CPT Assistant articlesView article titles instead of date and page number references found in other resources

For features and benefits of the printed codebook included in this package, please see the CPT® 2018 Professional Edition.

Target Audience

Professional coders, coders in multi-specialty clinics, coding or billing managers, practice managers, physicians, auditors in payer organizations, outpatient facility coders, CPT coding consultants, educators and students