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Prepare Now for CMI Adjustments: FY 2018 Final Rule MS-DRG Updates

Prepare Now for CMI Adjustments: FY 2018 Final Rule MS-DRG Updates

This timely and important webcast will help you to identifying the new ICD-10-CM/PCS codes and their impact on the prior year's codes and recognizing that the ones you memorized that are no longer valid. You will also be able to determine the impact on DRGs and how to explain the impact to your chief financial officer (CFO). Best of all you will be empowered to disseminate this information on new codes to your staff.

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Product Code: I092117

Description Biographies Continuing Education

Change and more change is coming your way— and quickly, too.

That's why ICD10monitor, in association with First Class Solutions, will be conducting this exclusive webcast on the MS-DRG revisions due to code changes and the resolution of current errors in the Version 34 Grouper.

During this webcast, you'll learn, for example, that multiple errors have been identified regarding spinal fusion codes grouping to the incorrect MS-DRGs. These have now been corrected. Also, noted has been the use of the drug, tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) for patients presenting with transient ischemic attacks (TIA) and the increased costs associated with the use of tPA.

You'll also benefit from the resultant MS-DRG weight impacts of the revisions. This will allow you and your team to prepare for case mix index (CMI) adjustments.

Learning Objectives
From this important webcast, you will be empowered to...
  • Discuss the process and rationale for the DRG changes based on the information from the Federal Register and other sources
  • Identify significant DRG changes
  • Assess the weight impact on your CMI
  • Explain the purpose for using tPA