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Simplifying the Complexity of OB Coding

Simplifying the Complexity of OB Coding

Obstetrics is a hot topic among ICD10monitor webcast participants. And now you and your team will benefit from the unique perspective of a physician and coding expert when Dr. Erica Remer conducts this valuable and often-requested topic.

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What if you could have some of your most complex obstetrics (OB) coding cases simplified? Suppose that someone was Erica Remer, MD, the popular co-host on Talk Ten Tuesdays and a leading authority on OB coding and documentation.

Good news.

ICD10monitor, in association with Dr. Erica Remer, is producing an in-depth dive into OB coding in which you'll come out on the top with newfound information and insight into one of the most complex coding and CDI subjects confronting coders.

Everyone in healthcare recognizes that coders continue to struggle with ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure coding for OB. Confusion from ICD-9 has continued into ICD-10 coding, and there is scant education available on these procedures, diagnoses, and complications. Until now. In this highly anticipated session, Dr. Erica Remer will clear up the confusion and provide unique and invaluable guidance on the procedures and diagnoses that your team struggles with when coding and documenting obstetrics.

Why OB Coding is Relevant:

Confusion and questions abound about OB coding. There is very little guidance available to coders and coding staff on this topic, and due to the complicated clinical nature of OB cases, coding can be difficult.

Learning Objectives:

From this exclusive webcast, Dr. Erica Remer will provide you with...

  • In-depth explanations of obstetric principal diagnosis selection, and when to choose a POA-N diagnosis
  • Clinical explanation and coding guidance of uterine inertia and obstructed labor conditions
  • Clinical explanation and coding guidance of conditions like subchorionic hemorrhage; hydatidiform mole; HELLP, pre-eclampsia, and hypertensive crises
  • An understanding of Rh incompatibility, prophylaxis versus isoimmunization
  • Coding guidance on procedures like perineal laceration repair, manual clot extraction
  • Interesting case discussions