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ICD-10 Coding: Five Steps to Conquer Spinal Fusion Confusion

ICD-10 Coding: Five Steps to Conquer Spinal Fusion Confusion webcast image

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Spinal fusion is one of the most frequently performed inpatient procedures in the hospital. Because this procedure is frequent and problem prone, it is a target of payer auditors, so it's important for coders to adopt a process for coding spinal fusions as will be demonstrated in this exclusive ICD10monitor webcast.

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Take this quick quiz and see if you, like so many others, are struggling to code spinal fusion correctly.

Here's the quiz:

  • Do you know how many codes are needed to fully code the spinal fusion?
  • Do you know how the MS-DRG can be optimized?
  • Should the laminectomy, forminotomy, or disc removal be coded?
  • Is the procedure performed on the anterior or posterior column of the spine?

If you struggled to answer these questions, you're not alone. These questions are asked by many inpatient coders when faced with a spinal fusion procedure.

The good news is that answers to these and other questionsquestions you probably haven't thought about—will be answered during this exclusive ICD10monitor webcast. Moreover, and just as important, because coding spinal fusions is frequent and problem-prone, it is a target of payer auditors. So, you really need to know how to code this procedure compliantly as spinal fusion procedures are one of the most frequent inpatient procedures performed in the hospital.

Why This is Relevant:

Considered to be one of the most frequently performed procedures in hospitals across the country, spinal fusion continues to be a challenge for many coders. Complicating the issue is that many coders still struggle with the anatomy as well as whether to code associated procedures. This webcast is a long-awaited educational solution to this vexing problem.

Learning Objectives:

During this unprecedented webcast, you will…

  1. Review ICD-10-PCS concepts related to spinal fusion including concepts from the March 2018 Coordination & Maintenance Committee meeting;
  2. Review ICD-10-PCS coding guidelines associated with spinal fusions as well as other resources;
  3. Discuss MS-DRGs associated with spinal fusions;
  4. Analyze the factors that impact MS-DRG assignment for spinal fusions; and
  5. Review the coding process for some examples of spinal fusion procedures.