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ICD-10-CM Coding of Anemia: 5 Steps to Get It Right for Patients and Auditors

ICD-10-CM Coding of Anemia: 5 Steps to Get It Right for Patients and Auditors webcast image

Thursday, June 28, 2018
1:30 - 2:30 PM ET
12:30 - 1:30 PM CT
10:30 - 11:30 AM PT


Anemia is a topic that has undergone change in recent years. It is also a focus of the auditors wanting to reduce the hospital's assigned MS-DRG. When should anemia be coded as acute blood loss anemia? When is anemia listed as the principal diagnosis? If blood loss is expected with this procedure, can anemia be assigned? What is G6PD anemia? For answers, listen to this exclusive ICD10monitor webcast.

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With an estimated 200,000 new cases of anemia being diagnosed every year——a condition that can impact children and as well as adults—it's time that you and your team get the information your department needs to accurately assign anemia codes. This is especially true after surgery in the event of acute blood loss. It's imperative to know how to code anemia under those circumstances. With the education gained from this webcast, you will have the ability to accurately assign the anemia codes and the justification to overturn or support the anemia code assignment.

Why This is Relevant:

Anemia is an enigma. For patients, acute blood loss anemia can occur after surgical procedures. For auditors—both governmental and commercial—anemia is an audit target because it impacts MS-DRG assignment. For coders, ICD-10-CM has changed the sequencing of anemia and malignancy from the old ICD-9-CM guidelines. There is nothing good about anemia and that it is so enigmatic is the reason for alarm.

Learning Objectives:

During this unprecedented webcast conducted by nationally-recognized coding authority Laurie Johnson, you will…

  • Review ICD-10-CM coding guidelines associated with anemia as well as other resources;
  • Discuss MS-DRGs associated with anemia;
  • Review clinical information on types of anemia including hemolytic, associated with malignancy, blood loss, deficiency, etc.;
  • Discuss the March 2018 Coordination and Maintenance Committee meeting proposals for FY20 that include anemia; and,
  • Review the coding process for some scenarios of anemia coding.