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Emergency Department Coding: Confronting Complexity & Reducing Risk

Emergency Department Coding: Confronting Complexity & Reducing Risk webcast image

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Get equipped to confront the complexities of ED coding, including key differences between facility and professional coding, and learn how to avoid common mistakes that put revenue and compliance at risk.

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Think that coding for emergency department encounters is a straightforward proposition? Think again. For starters, there's the inherent complexity of a patient who's assessed, treated and then released or transferred to an inpatient unit. In addition, ED patients require a diverse set of services, from suturing lacerations to performing lifesaving measures. There are also questions — some of them controversial — such as "Should we consolidate our facility and professional coding?"

Through this ICD10monitor webcast, Susan Gatehouse offers you guidance through the complexities, questions and risks of ED coding and charging.

Why This is Relevant:

Much is demanded of ED coders, including the ability to quickly interpret key elements in physician documentation and make accurate code assignments — all while meeting lofty productivity expectations. Unfortunately, any misstep in the fast-paced, high-volume ED environment can lead to significant negative impacts on billing, reimbursements and even patient care.

Learning Objectives:

From this webcast, you will…

  • Gain a clear understanding of the differences and similarities between the guidelines for hospital and professional coding, along with the pros and cons of consolidating the two under one umbrella
  • Realize the importance of clinical documentation education for providers, and obtain insights into the implementation process
  • Firmly grasp why coders need to be grounded in ED coding guidelines and how to achieve consistency in their training
  • Learn the critical role of HIM professionals in a variety of activities, from implementing coder education to ensuring the quality of physician documentation
  • Get up to speed on current regulatory requirements, equipping you to compliantly report ED services

Who Should Attend:

This webcast will be most relevant to emergency department, physician office and outpatient coders, as well as HIM coding managers, revenue cycle managers and ED business office managers.