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CPT® Modifiers – Professional and Surgical: Learn the Correct Modifier Usage

CPT Modifiers – Professional and Surgical: Learn the Correct Modifier Usage webcast image

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Not having an intimate knowledge of modifiers compromises your ability to code properly and to provide needed patient care. This webcast satisfies both.

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During this exclusive ICD10monitor webcast Dr. Jeffrey Lehrman will break down and explain descriptions and examples of some of the most troublesome CPT® modifiers – modifiers that are prone to misuse, auto-denials and auditor action. This webcast will also include the documentation that is required to support the use of many of these common modifiers.

Here are three of the most challenging modifiers that Dr. Lehrman will cover:

  • Modifier 25: A challenging and poorly understood modifier. The high rate of misuse of this has led to unfair edits and auto-denials by many payers. Continued misuse makes it difficult to fight these edits.
  • Modifier 59: Another challenging modifier that can lead to audits because it is sometimes used to unbundle procedures that should not be unbundled.
  • Modifier 58: Misunderstanding and misdirection about this modifier are rife in the industry. Proper use of the 58 modifier will help ensure patients get the care they need during the postoperative global period and that providers and their staff are properly compensated for the care.

If you or your team has struggled with use of these modifiers, you won’t want to miss this webcast. Inappropriate modifier use is crucial to compliance, as well as proper reimbursement. Similarly, proper modifier use can help ensure thorough care is provided to patients and, at the same time, help the provider to remain compliant as you will learn during this ICD10monitor webcast.

Why This is Relevant:

Coders need intimate knowledge of modifiers to protect their providers and themselves.

Take this brief quiz to see if you and your team could benefit from this webcast:

  1. Are there any billable procedures that can be performed during a postoperative global?
  2. What defines a separately identifiable Evaluation and Management?
  3. When do you use 59-modifier versus a X- modifier?
  4. When do you use an anatomic T- modifier versus RT/LT modifiers?

Learning Objectives:

From this ICD10monitor webcast, conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Lehrman you will…

  • Learn the four procedural modifiers that can be used during a postoperative global period;
  • Understand what a separately identifiable evaluation and management is (E&M);
  • Learn how to differentiate between procedural and E&M modifiers that can be used during the postoperative global period;
  • Know the X- modifiers and when to use them and,
  • Learn when to use the anatomic T- modifiers versus RT / LT modifiers.

Who Should Attend:

Physician, physician assistants, coders, billers, physical therapists and any provider.

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