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COVID-19 ICD-10-CM Coding: A Deeper Dive Into Questions and Areas of Confusion

COVID-19 ICD-10-CM Coding: A Deeper Dive Into Questions and Areas of Confusion webcast image

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Dr. Erica Remer returns to address ICD-10-CM coding for COVID-19 — covering frequent questions, including proper use of Z03.818 and Z20.828, emerging complexities such as coding U07.1 from positive test and more.

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Earlier this spring, Dr. Erica Remer presented a webcast on correct ICD-10-CM coding for COVID-19 cases. Now she's back with an all-new, on-demand webcast that responds to more complex issues and highly problematic areas for coders.

"The COVID-19 pandemic keeps evolving — moving lightning fast," states Dr. Remer. "Lots of questions keep coming up. People are still confused. And there are few places to find out whether you're coding it right. This session will take a deeper dive to make sure everyone has a solid footing."

As the long-term health consequences of COVID-19 become clearer, how will you correctly report sequelae resulting from the disease? What are the differences between ICD-10-CM coding for COVID-19 during and after the pandemic? How do exposure codes differ from screening codes? How are Z03.818, Z20.828, Z11.59, Z71.1, and Z09, Z01.84 properly applied? Using case examples to reinforce key concepts, Dr. Remer clearly responds to these and other timely questions in this special one-hour webcast.

Why This is Relevant:

Just as the pathology of COVID-19 has been unpredictable, coding guidelines related to the disease seem to change almost on a daily basis, creating confusion and prompting a barrage of questions. One thing is certain: Coding mistakes will attract the attention of payers and auditors. Claim denials, possibly even takebacks, are sure to follow. At a time of financial distress for many healthcare organizations, it's absolutely essential to protect COVID-19 patient revenues through accurate and complete ICD-10-CM coding.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the unique, formidable and evolving coding challenges posed by SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19
  • Learn how to correctly apply the ICD-10-CM codes for COVID-19 diagnoses and codes indicating the reasons for COVID-19 testing
    • Including proper use of Z03.818, Z20.828, Z11.59, Z71.1, Z09, Z01.84
  • Apply the instruction and guidance presented in this webcast to various COVID-19 clinical scenarios, including:
    • Presumed vs. presumptive
    • Coding U07.1 from positive test
    • How to code follow-up on positive test
    • CS modifier
  • Differentiate coding approaches used during the pandemic and the future post-pandemic era

Who Should Attend:

Coding professionals, coding managers, coding auditing professionals, coding educators, coding compliance staff, clinical documentation integrity specialists (CDISs), CDI physician advisors, and health information management (HIM) professionals, managers, directors and supervisors, compliance officers, and case managers.

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