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Congestive Heart Failure: Capture, Code and Query Appropriately

Congestive Heart Failure: Capture, Code and Query Appropriately webcast image

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The clinical documentation integrity team and the coding staff need to have a better understanding of cardiac anatomy and physiology in order to have meaningful discussions with physicians regarding appropriate capture of heart failure as a diagnosis.

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Often times, clinical conditions mimic heart failure. And that can be problem for you and your team. Yet having a conceptual grasp on acuity and specificity of heart failure can lead to a uniform and standard query and escalation process, which can help your facility capture the health condition appropriately, accurately, and reliably. But getting there, however, is complicated.

As you know, many physicians think that writing "CHF" or "CHF exacerbation" is enough to represent a patient's clinical condition when they are managing a heart failure patient. However, when physicians are queried to expand on heart failure as a diagnosis by adding acuity and specificity of heart failure, their initial response is "how is that additional information necessary or going to alter the management of that patient?" Now you'll know how to respond to these reactions when you register to attend this exclusive ICD10monitor webcast.

Benefit from a step-by-step assimilation of heart failure as a clinical syndrome. Learn the most common areas of discrepancy and CDI query issuance. Come to understand how to appropriately capture clinical conditions when other diagnoses that can mimic heart failure symptoms coexist with heart failure. And finally, receive recommendations for avoiding disagreements and how to handle a lack of physician responsiveness to CHF queries.

Why This is Relevant:

This webcast is designed to help answer questions surrounding congestive heart failure, specifically the type of heart failure (systolic or diastolic), its acuity (acute, chronic, acute on chronic) as well as documentation of ventricular function/ejection fraction. This webcast will dive deep into the heart's anatomy, physiology, and valvular function in order to close the disconnect between clinical documentation integrity specialists, coders, and physicians.

Learning Objectives:

From this exclusive ICD10monitor webcast Dr. Mahajan will…

  • Define heart failure as it pertains to clinical documentation and coding;
  • Discuss basic cardiac anatomy, physiology and symptoms of left and right heart failure as well as systolic and diastolic heart failure;
  • Review most common instances where opportunities exist for better documentation and encoding of heart failure;
  • Discuss common areas of disagreement between physicians and CDI and coding staff on heart failure specificity and documentation; and,
  • Recommend strategies to improve physician documentation and diagnosing of heart failure in order to improve documentation accuracy and compliance.

Who Should Attend:

This webcast will be most beneficial to clinical documentation integrity specialists, primary care chief medical officers, physicians, hospitalists, cardiologists, physician advisors, and case managers.