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2021 CDI Education Bundles

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Get grounded in clinical documentation integrity basics, augmented by targeted, in-depth CDI guidance for several common conditions that come with a high risk for denials and audits.

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From documentation and coding basics, to high-risk DRGs, here's comprehensive support for anyone involved with CDI

Clinical documentation integrity plays a crucial role in getting paid correctly and improving patient outcomes. And proficiency in CDI starts with a solid foundation of education. From documentation and coding basics, to anatomy, physiology and special guidance with high-risk DRGs, our CDI Education Bundles deliver the knowledge you need!

Save up to $108* when you order one of our 2021 CDI Education Bundles.

ESSENTIALS 2-Part CDI Education Bundle


Essentials for Clinical Documentation Integrity
Print or eBook

Divided into major diagnostic categories (MDCs), this convenient handbook uses a three-step approach to walk you through possible clinical indicators, risk factors and treatments, enabling effective chart reviews and physician queries.

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Back to the Basics: Clinical Documentation of 5 Common Conditions
On-demand webcast

Elevate the quality of your CDI by getting grounded in the basic pathophysiology of five frequently seen risk-adjusting medical conditions: altered mental status, type II myocardial infarction, respiratory failure, acute kidney injury and malnutrition.

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Save 10% ($32)*; only $284 for both resources!

COMPREHENSIVE 5-Part CDI Education Bundle

Includes the items in our "Essentials" bundle, plus the following webcasts:


Severe Malnutrition: Keys to Validating Documentation and ICD-10-CM Coding

Learn how to recognize severe malnutrition, a serious diagnosis that impacts every aspect of a patient's health and care — a current OIG target because it is so often incorrectly documented and coded. Also, gain skills in writing thorough and compliant validation queries.

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Sepsis: Optimize Your ICD-10-CM Coding and Clinical Documentation

Sepsis is the most common discharge MS-DRG diagnosis, but it is widely misunderstood. Learn what sepsis really is, how to recognize its clinical indicators and how to obtain documentation that supports its diagnosis.

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Acute Heart Failure: Validating DRGs and Clinical Documentation

Acquire a deeper understanding of acute heart failure: common causes, indicators and treatments. Ultimately, you will gain the skills to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your clinical documentation, reducing your risk of adverse auditor action.

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Save 15% ($108)*; only $615 for all five resources!

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