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Learning ICD-10-CM by the Letters

Get a faster start to finding the right code

While you might not be able to memorize every ICD-10-CM code, this tool uses mnemonics to help you connect the first letter of a code with the corresponding ICD-10-CM chapter.

Price: $19.95
Learning ICD-10-PCS: The Roots of Eponyms

From familiar names to root operations

In ICD-10-PCS code descriptions, eponyms are not included in the index, yet coders will continue to see eponyms used by physicians in the clinical documentation. This resource will assist you in translating eponyms to root operations.

Price: $49.95
2018 ICD-10-CM Compact Coders Full Set

Each specialty ICD-10-CM Compact Coder is a double-sided, folded sheet listing four pages of the top reported ICD-10-CM diagnoses codes for each specialty. With shortened descriptions and instructional notes, these are perfect for quick reference.

Price: $486.00
2018 ICD-10-CM Compact Coders

Spot the top reported ICD-10 codes for your specialty in an instant with these expert reference cards, complete with the most common ICD-10 codes you need to get to the right code faster.

Price: $39.95