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2020 Medicare Physician Payments and Quality Program Final Rule: New Rules & Challenges

2020 Medicare Physician Payments and Quality Program Final Rule: New Rules & Challenges webcast image

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Gain access to this crucially important webcast on the 2020 Final Rule for the Physician Fee Schedule and the Quality Payment Program. Not knowing the PFS and QPP changes for 2020 means you won't code E&M changes correctly and could risk new penalties and revenue loss.

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The 2020 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) and Quality Payment Program (QPP) Final Rule presents significant changes to physician documentation requirements, coverage and coding of telehealth services, care management services, roles of physician assistants, and other changes to payment and quality reporting.

The 2020 PFS will enable physicians and physician assistants to provide a wider range of services. However, these new coverage and coding guidelines will require understanding and training so that providers will get paid appropriately.

Additionally, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced updates to the QPP and a significant update for 2021. These changes will determine the bonuses and penalties providers will be assigned in 2022 based on the reporting of 2020 actions.

This webcast will provide a detailed explanation of the changes and steps offices will need to do to take advantage of the new 2020 changes, enabling physician offices to be paid appropriately, provide enhanced services to patients, and improve their quality scores.

Changes take effect on Jan. 1, 2020 so offices must act as soon as possible. Register now for this ICD10monitor webcast, let by Stanley Nachimson, and get ready for 2020.

Why This is Relevant:

New HCPCS codes have been created for care management and telehealth services. E&M documentation and coding requirements have been significantly revamped for 2020. Those that do not know the changes for 2020 will not be able to provide enhanced services, will not use physician assistants to the fullest extent possible, and run the risk of penalties in the QPP program.

Take this quick quiz and see if you and your team are ready for 2020 PFS and QPP changes:

  1. What are the new E&M documentation requirements for 2020?
  2. How will Medicare reimburse telehealth services?
  3. What is the new role of physician assistants?
  4. What are the new benchmarks in the QPP program for 2020?

Learning Objectives:

From this webcast, you will…

  • Understand the new MPFS and QPP rules for 2020;
  • Learn how to assign learning tasks to appropriate staff;
  • Understand how to determine changes to workflow and staff activities for 2020;
  • Learn new documentation requirements for E&M; and
  • Understand the new services that a doctor's office can provide.

Who Should Attend:

Physicians, physician assistants, office managers, revenue cycle managers, quality managers, revenue cycle management developers, and quality measurement experts.