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Principles of ICD-10-CM Coding Workbook, Fourth Edition

Price: $59.95
Format: Spiralbound, 8.5" x 11"
Edition: 2017
Publisher: American Medical Association
Experts: Deborah J. Grider

Product Code: IPPICW4E

Description Experience

ICD-10-CM has touched every physician practice. Principles of ICD-10-CM Coding Workbook will make coding easier.

Written for all health care professionals whose work involves diagnosing a patient, coding or selecting a diagnosis code for patient encounters, this workbook provides practical experience using real-life coding case studies rather than simple diagnosis statements. It can be used as an independent study training tool or for formal school programs. Each chapter begins with a brief introduction, followed by the exercises and case studies corresponding to each chapter in the ICD-10-CM codebook.

  • UPDATED CODES! content has been updated and revised using the 2017 ICD-10-CM code set
  • Chart notes code directly from complete chart notes from medical records that use the ICD-10-CM coding system
  • Case studies more than 150 real-life case studies help build skill and proficiency
  • Chapter exercises hands-on exercises for each case study, using fill-in-the-blank questions (answers with rationales relative to code selections are included)
  • Organized by ICD-10-CM specialty allows the user to follow along with the ICD-10-CM codebook

Coding students, educators, professional coders and instructors, third-party payers, physicians, health care management consultants, office managers and practice administrators