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2017 InGauge ICD-10-CM Expert for Physicians


InGauge's 2017 ICD-10-CM Expert for Physicians will contain all 70,000+ ICD-10-CM codes and is shipping now. This ICD-10-CM resource was developed to make the transition as simple as possible by presenting the codes and related information in a format that is both intuitive and familiar to all ICD-9-CM users.

Price: $109.95
Format: Spiralbound
Edition: 2017
Publisher: InGauge Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Product Code: IEPOICG17


The long-awaited implementation of ICD-10-CM has occurred as the mandated diagnosis code set went into effect on October 1, 2015. The grace period in which Medicare carriers and many private insurers allowed incorrectly coded claims ended for claims dated October 1, 2016 and later. That means you will no longer be reimbursed for your organization's provided healthcare services if you continue to report ICD-9 codes as diagnoses. Coupled with the fact that the 2017 update is the most extensive single-year update (over 2,600 new, revised and deleted codes as well as hundreds more updates throughout the text) in the history of diagnosis coding, it is critical that your organization use updated 2017 ICD-10-CM code resources to avoid suboptimal reimbursement and/or costly and invasive coding audits.


  • Dictionary-style page ranges make locating quick and easy
  • Full-color, detailed illustrations facilitate correct code selection
  • 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th digit symbols prompt the user to choose the most specific code
  • New contextual placement of the "Official ICD-10-CM Guidelines for Coding and Reporting" Symbol key at the bottom of each page reminds the user of the meaning of coding and billing edits


  • Gives the actual PQRS measure number(s) that are applicable to each diagnosis at the code-level for easier quality reporting, which avoids payment reductions.
  • Full color anatomical illustrations at the relevant code/section level that increase understanding of anatomy or other elements needed to make appropriate code selection to reduce denials.
  • Full-text of the "Official ICD-10-CM Guidelines for Coding and Reporting" is included in the Introduction (educators' preference) while code-specific guidance is repeated at the code level (coders' preference), to facilitate choosing the correct code.
  • Not only are the new and revised codes marked by symbols, but all new text is underlined and deleted text is stricken through to give the coder additional insight into rationale for the code changes to save time and eliminate confusion.