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ICD10monitor Toolkit for Ten
Sale Price: $2,559.50
Save $2,559.50!

Turn ICD-10 tasks into success with the new Toolkit for Ten!

All of the ICD-10 tools you need conveniently packaged just for you for continuing ICD-10 education.

2016 ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Code Mappers - Complete Set
Sale Price: $486.24
Save $237.51!

With 25 different specialties, the ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM diagnostic code mappers set offers a quick-reference guide for every specialty coder in your organization! Each specialty diagnostic coder has four full pages containing the top reported ICD-9-CM diagnoses codes, mapping them to ICD-10-CM codes for each specialty.

The Last Chance to Get It Right: ICD-10 Coding Management Essential 3-Part Workshop Series
Sale Price: $447.75
Save $149.25!

ICD-10 has arrived and now while you're implementing this new code set, you'll find this essential 3-part workshop series an excellent resource to refresh your knowledge and improve productivity.
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ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Non-Operating Room Procedures: 11-Part Series
Price: $871.00
Save $218.00!

Many hospitals have not begun the enormous work it will take to successfully report a multitude of non-operating room procedures under the ICD-10 coding system. Of particular concern: ICD-10-PCS, the new procedural coding system that's vastly different from ICD-9-CM. To help you expedite the process, ICD10monitor presents the first session of our on-demand ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Non-Operating Room Procedures: 11-Part Series. Each session will shine a laser-focused light on critical ICD-10-PCS codes and the documentation requirements for specific services including many procedures performed outside the operating room.
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Reboot Your Training and Education: ICD-10-CM for Outpatient and Physician Services
Price: $297.00

ICD-10 is the law. So now's the time to reboot your training on ICD-10-CM for outpatient and physician services. And this one comprehensive course, conducted in three consecutive sessions is your absolute assurance of being the professional you know you are.
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Observation: Learn How to Untangle the CMS Web of Complexity - Essential 4-Part Series
Sale Price: $597.00
Save $199.00!

From a simple (inpatient) admission to the complex stratification of patient status, that today characterizes the intricate web of observation, you will learn how to differentiate, capture and communicate inpatient versus outpatient care.

ICD-10 Phase 3a Package, Third Edition: Train
Sale Price: $134.95
Save $14.95!


The new ICD-10-CM will impact every physician practice. Principles of ICD-10-CM Coding and Principles of ICD-10-CM Coding Workbook will make the transition easier.

ICD10monitor Educational Webcasts
Sale Price: $2,269.00
Save $1,512.00!

Get unlimited* ICD-10 education and SAVE 40%!

We can't supply you with additional staff or provide travel expenses for off-site education, but we can provide expert training for you and your team membersat a reasonable costwithout the hassle of having to leave your facility.